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Planter-Urn Rain Barrel – Product Review

Thursday, May 26, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.

This polyethylene Planter-Urn Rain Barrel combines a functional rain holder with an appealing planter on top to enhance any outdoor space. Available in  terra cotta, sandstone, or slate grey, this classic-looking urn-shaped rain barrel is simPlanter_Urn_Rain_ Barrelple enough to coordinate with the d├ęcor of any yard or outdoor living space. This decorative piece stands 34 inches tall, large enough to be the focal point of the landscaping surrounding a patio; it is also adds a nice touch to any deck or porch.


With a capacity of 54 gallons, the rain barrel will conserve both the environment and your finances as you save on the cost of watering a garden or landscaping. A spigot at the bottom of the barrel allows water to be emptied through the included hose for easy distribution of accumulated water. The water is protected from debris by a screen guard that also keeps out bugs and any other pests.


An overflow port can connect to a backup reservoir to prevent the barrel from overflowing and to conserve additional amounts of rainwater without purchasing another rain barrel system.


The Planter-Urn Rain Barrel requires a few simple installation steps for use and it includes everything needed to get started – the garden hose, outlet spigot, hose holder, debris screen, and barrel funnel. The planter-urn rain barrel is built to be durable and long-lasting, and is backed by a one year limited warranty, ensuring that any unlikely defect will be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely and sturdy. Does the planter section have a drain to eliminate excess water from filling the planter?

Sarah M. said...

Yes, There is a drain in the planter portion to regulate the water reaching the plants. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does it have a removable top for cleaning and emptying?

Woodland Direct said...

@Anonymous - There is not a removable top, but the debris screen can be removed and cleaned as needed.

Anonymous said...

Is it cold weather safe? My area in northern Minnesota will get very cold and I do not want to have to take it into the garage for the winter.

Stefanie B. said...

@Anonymous - You should be able to leave it outside, as long as it is completely emptied of water. Otherwise, the water inside could freeze and expand, causing the rain barrel to potentially crack.