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Moby Rain Barrel – Product Review

If you’ve been looking for a rain barrel that is designed with style and efficiency in mind, than the Moby Rain Barrel is perfect for you! This 65 gallon rain barrel is comprised of 100% recycled plastic.


This barrel has one of the largest catchment areas of any rain barrel its size allowing you to bring in nature’s best water to your gardens and landscaping area at any time during the growing season.


The Moby Rain Barrel has a large capacity overflow with a hose that is included for heavy downpours. This barrel will easily attach to your existing downspout for quick refills. There is a gravity fed system that this barrel uses to bring the most water pressure to your watering needs. The Moby has two built-in overflow ports so you can route your water to anywhere you would like – even another rain barrel! You will have plenty of extra water by attaching another barrel!


The Moby’s special bolt-on lid helps prevent children or animals from entering the barrel. It also comes with a brass ¾” spigot that is perfect for attaching a standard garden hose to your barrel. Once you do this you can take your waterMobyRainBarrel anywhere! Your plants will love the clean water and you will be rewarded with green gardens and healthy plants – even in the drought season!


Also included is a specially designed screen trap that keeps insects and debris out of your water. Nobody wants their precious rain water to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.


Conserving water has never been easier than with the Moby Rain Barrel. Owning a rain barrel give us the opportunity to make better use of rain water and help preserve our earth’s natural resources. So cut your water cost and conserve water this season with the Moby Rain Barrel!


Paul said...

One of the best barrels I have purchased. The large overflow ports are what all other barrels should be designed with as anything less simply does not do the job in a hard rain. The only improvement I can suggest (besides offering a larger size barrel) is to reconfigure the overflow hose ends to a slightly smaller diameter that will accomodate a 3/4inch male hose fitting with a barb design on one end (available at most home improvement stores). This will allow for an easy extension garden hose to be used for further applications. An extra overflow tube is also needed or should be offered as an option.

Rainbarrel said...

This RainBarrel looks so good and has a great quality. Nice technology and I love the designed it looks so professional.