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Rain Wizard Rain Barrel – Product Review

Thursday, May 28, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.

Save precious resources and keep you water bill low with the flat back Rain Wizard Rain Barrel. Water can be scarce during the summer monRain_Wizard_Rain_Barrelths and there’s no better way to help you keep your lawn and garden fresh and green than with this 50 gallon rain barrel.

The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel is available in four different colors, black, khaki, terra cotta, and oak. The barrel is made from a molded polyethylene construction that holds an 8 year UV package that will keep your rain barrel looking great. The polyethylene is very strong and durable, and the UV helps to protect the barrel against any mildew, rotting, and rust.

The flat back of this rain barrel allows it to sit flush with the side of your home. A flat back rain barrel is a great way to keep your barrel out of the way, but still being able to use it to its maximum capacity. Also featured is a secure closed design that will keep your children and pets from entering the barrel. The durable metal screen located at the top of the barrel helps to cut down on any standing water, and prevents and debris or bugs from entering the barrel.

The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel also features a high-quality brass spigot. The brass spigot is located near the bottom of the barrel, and is used to easily transport your water from your barrel to wherever you need it most. It’s very simple – Rain_Wizard_Rain_Barrel_Spigotall you need to do is hook up a hose to the spigot. It’s really that easy! Once you have done that, you can direct your captured water anywhere you desire.

This barrel also has the great feature of a shut-off valve for a hose hook up or dual overflow. An overflow valve helps to move the water away from the downspout area when your rain barrel is full. This usually means it is moving the water away from the foundation from your home, which can only be a good thing – right? There is also a Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Connector Kit (sold separately) that is available. This kit helps you to link your Rain Wizard Barrel with another Rain Wizard Barrel so you can increase the amount of water that you capture.

Add this great water catchment system to your yard and enjoy all that it has to offer. Your lawn and garden sure will!


SAM "ex-channeladvisor expert" said...

Woodland Direct is my connection for rainbarrels!

Anonymous said...

This is a great barrel