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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.
In today’s economy, it is important for people to find solutions for their rising water cost, stressed water systems, and dwindling resources. With rain catchment systems, you are not only saving money, but you will also be aiding the environment.

In recent years, rain barrels have exploded onto the market. These rain catchment systems offer many alternatives to water preservation and usage. Rain barrels reduce the amount of storm water runoff by collecting it and storing the water for future use.

Stored rainwater has many uses. It can be used for irrigation, washing the car, and filling the swimming pool. It also can be used for bathing and drinking if it is properly filtered. With rain barrel water, you can also water houseplants, gardens, clean windows, and significantly reduce your demand for municipal water and lower your monthly bills. It’s important to take advantage of the already existing source of fresh rainwater.

It is important to remember to NEVER drink water from your rain barrel, unless you have the proper filtration system for it. Never leave the barrel open without a screen – mosquitoes will enter and lay eggs. It is important to have a screen on your rain barrel. This will help to filter out any leaves and other junk that could possibly enter.

Also – never let your rain barrel collect water during the winter months – if a barrel is full and freezes, it can easily break. The best action you can take to care for your rain barrel during the winter is to disconnect it. Make sure to store it upside down so it will drain completely and stay clean. Also, make sure to remove the hose from your barrel, any water that freezes will expand and could possibly crack your hose. However – during the spring and summer months, rain barrels are basically maintenance free.

There are many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of rain barrels. You can find the perfect rain barrel to fit your needs and even your homes d├ęcor. If you need a rain barrel for basic things around the yard, you will most likely find that a 50 gallon rain barrel will work perfectly. For bigger jobs, such as taking care of farm land and plumbing for your home, a 600-1200 gallon rain barrel will probably work best. Rain barrels of this size are generally stored underground. Whatever your water need is – there will be a rain barrel to suit it.


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