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Rain Barrel Maintenance Tips

Rain barrels are great outdoor products that will help you save costs on your water bills, and they're easy
to use and maintain! In this blog, we will cover some of the dos and don’ts of rainwater collection practices. With just a few tips and tricks, you will be on your way to gathering rainwater to feed your plants while keeping pesky bugs away!

Rain barrels are usually in operation during spring, summer and the early fall months where it the weather has not dropped to freezing temperatures yet. Depending on your location, rain collection season may vary due to the current climate. Once freezing temperatures are on your horizon, it will be time to prep your rain barrel for the off season. Taking simple and easy precautions will help you shelter your rain barrel against damaging elements and reduce the risk of cracking or splitting.

In-Season Rain Collection Tips
  • Remove Debris - Make sure to clean your gutters at least once a year to minimize build-up on the rain barrel debris screen. You will need to routinely clean the debris screen and remove any matter that may cause clogging in the rain barrel.
  • Elevate on Level Base - To improve water flow, elevate your rain barrel from the ground. A full rain barrel can weigh around 500 lbs, so it is important to install it on a strong level base or platform. 
  • Don’t Drink the Water - No, the collected rainwater is not suitable for drinking! You never know what substances may be on your roof or in your gutters. It is not safe to drink any water collected by a rain barrel.
  • Defend Against Pests – Drain the water on a regular basis to protect against mosquitoes breeding in your rain barrel. It takes a mosquito about 10 days to breed, so keep that in mind when setting a draining schedule. You could also use pest control products such as mosquito dunks to kill off any larvae. If you happen to treat your roof for pests, unhook your rain barrel from the downspout for at least two weeks. This will ensure that your rain water is not contaminated by the pesticides used on the roof. 
  • Clean Up Algae - Algae can grow to be a problem in rain barrels that have direct sunlight exposure. To clean algae build-up, empty the barrel and wash with a water and bleach solution (recommended ¾ cups of bleach per gallon of water). Be sure to rinse the barrel well after cleaning with the bleach solution.
  • Vacation Reminders - If going on vacation for an extended amount of time, be sure to check that your rain barrel’s overflow ports are working properly and pointed away from the foundation to protect against any damage to your home due to excessive rainfall.

Off-Season Rain Barrel Maintenance Tips
  • Drain Water – Empty your rain barrel of any remaining water and leave the spigot open.
  • Clean Up – Wash out the rain barrel and use a water and bleach solution to kill any lingering algae.
  • Store It – If you are able to, it would be best to store the rain barrel inside a garage or shed. This will protect the rain barrel from the cold weather elements and will reduce risk of damage caused by freezing temperatures.
  • Divert Downspout – If you use a downspout diverter, you will need to switch the diverter flow valve to the main gutter return away from the barrel. If you do not have a downspout diverter, simply remove the barrel from the downspout all together and reattach the original gutter return.
  • Flip Over – Whether your rain barrel is left outside or brought inside, we suggest flipping it upside-down so that it will stay clean when not in use. If leaving it outside, you will need to secure it with ropes or weights (such as patio blocks) to make sure it will not blow away during any strong wind gusts.

Caring for your rain barrel can be very simple with these quick and easy guidelines. Watering from the municipal source can include chemicals (such as chlorine or fluoride) which will harm your plants. Using fresh rainwater is the best, most natural food you can give to your garden to help it flourish.  Start collecting your local rainfall with a rain barrel for healthy plant watering everyday!

Pop-Up Rain Barrel – Product Review

Made of flexible, puncture-resistant, laminated polyester, the Pop-Up Rain Barrel has a capacity of 34 gallons. This stored water is protected from debris by a mesh screen top, preventing bugs or leaves from coPop_Up_Rain_Barrelntaminating the water supply. The water can be accessed through a nozzle near the bottom of the barrel or through the top, which zips open to allow water to be dipped out in larger amounts. A standard hose can also easily attach to the nozzle to allow for quick and easy watering.


The durability of this product makes it a great choice for those wanting a long-lasting solution to meet their water supply needs while saving on water bills. To guarantee the longevity of this product, a one-year warranty on materials and construction is included, ensuring any unlikely defect will be fixed promptly and conveniently.


The Pop-Up Rain Barrel is made of green polyester so that it blends into the greenery of your property. If you are looking for a durable rain barrel that holds a moderate amount of water, this is the perfect choice for you!

Planter-Urn Rain Barrel – Product Review

This polyethylene Planter-Urn Rain Barrel combines a functional rain holder with an appealing planter on top to enhance any outdoor space. Available in  terra cotta, sandstone, or slate grey, this classic-looking urn-shaped rain barrel is simPlanter_Urn_Rain_ Barrelple enough to coordinate with the décor of any yard or outdoor living space. This decorative piece stands 34 inches tall, large enough to be the focal point of the landscaping surrounding a patio; it is also adds a nice touch to any deck or porch.


With a capacity of 54 gallons, the rain barrel will conserve both the environment and your finances as you save on the cost of watering a garden or landscaping. A spigot at the bottom of the barrel allows water to be emptied through the included hose for easy distribution of accumulated water. The water is protected from debris by a screen guard that also keeps out bugs and any other pests.


An overflow port can connect to a backup reservoir to prevent the barrel from overflowing and to conserve additional amounts of rainwater without purchasing another rain barrel system.


The Planter-Urn Rain Barrel requires a few simple installation steps for use and it includes everything needed to get started – the garden hose, outlet spigot, hose holder, debris screen, and barrel funnel. The planter-urn rain barrel is built to be durable and long-lasting, and is backed by a one year limited warranty, ensuring that any unlikely defect will be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

Two-in-One Rain Barrel/Planter – Product Review

This rain barrel is multi-functional, serving not only as a practical rain reservoir to store rainwater, but also as an attractive planter to enhance your landscaping. The neutral beige color of the Two-in-One Rain Barrel/PlanterTwoInOne_Rain_Barrel_Planter is sure to coordinate with your décor, and the 100% recycled UV-resistant polypropylene ensures for durability.


The Two-in-One Rain Barrel/Planter  holds 79 gallons of rain water, easily accessible through the universal spot discreetly attached near the base of the barrel. This product has a height of 59”, a diameter of 24.4”, and a weight of 35 pounds. A one-year warranty guarantees the parts and workmanship of the product; in the unlikely event you need to activate this warranty, the total cost of shipping, repair, and/or replacement will be covered completely.


The simplicity of assembly and use of this product, combined with its attractive design and practicality, make it the perfect addition to the exterior of any home!

Aqua Fria Rain Barrel – Product Review

Customizable to perfectly fit your needs, the Aqua Fria Rain Barrel comes in several capacities, including 55-, 100-, 200-, and 360- gallon sizes. The exterior finish can be ordered in several varieties of solid, speckled, sandstone, and granite to coordinate with the décor of your landscaping. There are also two different tyAqua_Fria_Rain_Barrelpes of screened tops to protect the rainwater from bugs, debris, and animals. This rain barrel is constructed with an eco-friendly, food-grade virgin polyethylene, and the durability of this material makes it functional even in freezing temperatures and offers full UV protection.

There is no need to be concerned with overflowing this rain barrel; it is designed with a 1 1/2” internal overflow and a 1 1/2”  backup overflow to prevent messy spillover. To allow for the water to be conveniently accessed, the barrel has a bucket-high spigot and a drain valve, both of which are threaded for a garden hose to be attached.


To ensure the long life of this product, a 3-year warranty guarantees all components against defect. If you are searching for a product that can be ordered to fit your needs flawlessly, look no further – this is the rain barrel for

Madison Rain Catcher – Product Review

Available in a white or black finish, the Madison Rain Catcher is a sophisticated, decorative addition to the exterior of any homeMadison_Rain_Catcher_Black. Its molded design offers a uniquely sophisticated appeal while maintaining the functionality of a 40-gallon rain catcher. The purchase of this rain catcher includes a planter insert for the top of the barrel, allowing flowers or plants to be added for increased decorative appeal. Other items you will receive with this rain catcher are: a 3-foot overflow hose, a 4-foot garden hose,  small and large hose clamps, and a shut-off valve.
Made of premium high-grade polyethylene, this rain catcher is highly durable and is backed by a 15-year warranty against any defect in material or manufacturing. The dimensions of the Madison Rain Catcher are 22.5” wide by 35” high, and it only weighs 3 pounds.

The Madison Rain Catcher is the ideal multi-functional addition to your yard, dressing up the design of your landscaping while conserving water and helping you to save on your water bill.

Northland Rain Barrel – Product Review

Uniquely designed with a stacked firewood look, the Northland Rain Barrel was created to bring a decorative appeal to the outside of your home. It is made to sit flush against the exterior wall of your home and appear to be Northland_Rain_Barrel holding a supply of firewood. This decorative design conceals the practicality of two spigots at convenient levels for filling a watering can or attaching a garden hose.

The UV8-stabilized resin material constructing this rain barrel is fade-resistant plastic that will never rot, ensuring that the excellent condition of this rain barrel will be long-lasting. With a capacity of 65 gallons, this rain barrel holds plenty of water to use in your yard or in your home, accessed by either of the attached spigots.

Installation of the Northland Rain Barrel is simple – to access water, use the spigots to fill containers, or add a hose to one of the spigots. The removable screen on top of the rain barrel protects stored water from debris or insects but can be easily removed to access water from the top of the barrel.

Woodgrain Rain Barrel - Product Review

Achla's Woodgrain Rain Barrel (RB-03) is designed to make conserving water easier for you and your family. With its rustic, natural look, this rain barrel has been designed to blend in with your landscape and not become an eyesore. Its short stature makes it easy to hide behind bushes or plants if you would not like it to be visible.

The Woodgrain Rain Barrel is made of a durable, UV-stable, polyethylene material. This material will hold up against the harshest of weather circumstances and last for many years. This 50 gallon rain barrel does require some assembly.

This rain barrel includes a removable debris screen, 4’ hose, overflow hose, and a hook-up kit for connecting another rain barrel for over flow purposes. The removable debris screen is a very important added feature. It helps to maintain clean water by keeping unwanted bugs, leaves, and sticks out. The 4’ hose that is included can be stored neatly in the slot located on the top of the barrel.

The Woodgrain Rain Barrel is very easy to setup. All you will need to do is place your rain barrel underneath your downspout. This may mean you will need to cut your downspout to fit your barrel below. Make sure that your rain barrel is on level ground. If it isn’t - there are stands and other options available. It is also very important that you make sure that you direct the overflow away from your home’s foundation.

There is also an easy attaching system on the side of the barrel that will help to make linking two or more barrels together a breeze. This will allow you to have as many rain barrels as you would like – and let you obtain as much water as you desire. Start your water conservation today by placing the Woodgrain Rain Barrel in the perfect spot!

Moby Rain Barrel – Product Review

If you’ve been looking for a rain barrel that is designed with style and efficiency in mind, than the Moby Rain Barrel is perfect for you! This 65 gallon rain barrel is comprised of 100% recycled plastic.


This barrel has one of the largest catchment areas of any rain barrel its size allowing you to bring in nature’s best water to your gardens and landscaping area at any time during the growing season.


The Moby Rain Barrel has a large capacity overflow with a hose that is included for heavy downpours. This barrel will easily attach to your existing downspout for quick refills. There is a gravity fed system that this barrel uses to bring the most water pressure to your watering needs. The Moby has two built-in overflow ports so you can route your water to anywhere you would like – even another rain barrel! You will have plenty of extra water by attaching another barrel!


The Moby’s special bolt-on lid helps prevent children or animals from entering the barrel. It also comes with a brass ¾” spigot that is perfect for attaching a standard garden hose to your barrel. Once you do this you can take your waterMobyRainBarrel anywhere! Your plants will love the clean water and you will be rewarded with green gardens and healthy plants – even in the drought season!


Also included is a specially designed screen trap that keeps insects and debris out of your water. Nobody wants their precious rain water to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.


Conserving water has never been easier than with the Moby Rain Barrel. Owning a rain barrel give us the opportunity to make better use of rain water and help preserve our earth’s natural resources. So cut your water cost and conserve water this season with the Moby Rain Barrel!

Rain Wizard Rain Barrel – Product Review

Save precious resources and keep you water bill low with the flat back Rain Wizard Rain Barrel. Water can be scarce during the summer monRain_Wizard_Rain_Barrelths and there’s no better way to help you keep your lawn and garden fresh and green than with this 50 gallon rain barrel.

The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel is available in four different colors, black, khaki, terra cotta, and oak. The barrel is made from a molded polyethylene construction that holds an 8 year UV package that will keep your rain barrel looking great. The polyethylene is very strong and durable, and the UV helps to protect the barrel against any mildew, rotting, and rust.

The flat back of this rain barrel allows it to sit flush with the side of your home. A flat back rain barrel is a great way to keep your barrel out of the way, but still being able to use it to its maximum capacity. Also featured is a secure closed design that will keep your children and pets from entering the barrel. The durable metal screen located at the top of the barrel helps to cut down on any standing water, and prevents and debris or bugs from entering the barrel.

The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel also features a high-quality brass spigot. The brass spigot is located near the bottom of the barrel, and is used to easily transport your water from your barrel to wherever you need it most. It’s very simple – Rain_Wizard_Rain_Barrel_Spigotall you need to do is hook up a hose to the spigot. It’s really that easy! Once you have done that, you can direct your captured water anywhere you desire.

This barrel also has the great feature of a shut-off valve for a hose hook up or dual overflow. An overflow valve helps to move the water away from the downspout area when your rain barrel is full. This usually means it is moving the water away from the foundation from your home, which can only be a good thing – right? There is also a Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Connector Kit (sold separately) that is available. This kit helps you to link your Rain Wizard Barrel with another Rain Wizard Barrel so you can increase the amount of water that you capture.

Add this great water catchment system to your yard and enjoy all that it has to offer. Your lawn and garden sure will!

Rain Barrel Food Safety - Are rain barrels safe to drink from?

We have people ask us everyday if the water collected by rain barrels is safe to drink and if they can use a rain barrel to dispense food products or beverages, like lemonade or iced tea for an outdoor barbeque. 


While we understand that the look and size of a rain barrel can be appealing, in general, the answer is no.  For one, the water collected by a rain barrel is rain water.  Rain water falls through the atmosphere and collects tons of polluted things on it’s way down.  After that it collects and trickles down your roof (where’s birds hang out and use it as an oversized restroom) and probably collects more funky bacteria and then pours down your downspouts and into your rain barrel.  Yuck!  You really should never plan on drinking rain water if it hasn’t been properly filtered, stick to the tap. 


In addition, rain barrels are usually not constructed of food grade plastic so they are considered unsafe for storing consumable products.  If it is made from food grade plastic, chances are it’s recycled and may have lingering odors you really wouldn’t want to serve in your water or kool-aid to guests.  For example, one of our really great recycled rain barrels was actually previously used to harvest olives.  Although it’s food grade plastic, obviously – it harvested olives - it retains it’s olive smell which would no doubt severely alter the appeal of a cool glass of water.  So, while in that case it may not be unsafe, it’s less than desirable for food use.


Our suggestion, regardless of rain barrel construction, is to use the rain barrel for the purpose it’s intended – to collect rain water and water plants and grass.  Leave the food business to products that are made for that purpose! 

WaterStones Sandstone Rain Barrel – Product Review

I’ve always liked the idea of having a nice garden in my backyard, and I can’t imagine that beautiful oasis being overtaken by a big, unattractive plastic waterstonerain barrel.  I’ll admit, it’s not really about the aesthetics but about the environment…but why can’t a rain barrel be both functional and attractive?  The WaterStones Sandstone Rain Barrel is just that.  Designed to look like a real rock, this rain barrel blends easily into any environment or can be used to stand out as a focal point in the yard.  Constructed of sandstone colored, uv-stable resin, it will stand up to harsher weather conditions, although it should be stored in a warm, dry place once the weather cools off. 


Setting this rain barrel apart from is the included downspout diverter kit!  This diverter is not just any cheap diverter kit either, this is the one we recommend the most.  It quickly and easily attaches to the downspout and attaches to the rain barrel with a tubular hose.  Once the rain barrel reaches capacity, the diverter automatically diverts rain back down the downspout.  No buttons to press or switches to flip, it’s as easy as hooking it up and letting it do all the work. 


If you’ve been unsure about adding a rain barrel to your yard, don’t hesitate anymore.  You’ll be doing yourself and the environment a huge service with hardly any effort.  So just sit back, relax, and let the rain barrel take care of everything.

Rain Barrels – Downspout Rain Water Diverter Systems

Rain water diverters are designed to direct rain water into a rain barrel; once the rain barrel becomes full they will begin diverting the water back down  the downspout as usual. This prevents overflow from overflowing and  potentially causing serious damage to your landscaping and your homes foundation. These downspout diverters actually attach to an existing downspout, although you may have to cut it down for a proper fit under a rain barrel. Most rain water diversion kits are designed generically to work with any rain barrel, but you’ll want to check just to be sure before you purchase one.

Many rain water diverters work manually, meaning that you have to go downspout diverteroutside and manually flip a lever or turn a switch to get the water to begin flowing either into the rain barrel or back down the downspout. However, this manual process usually won’t usually be a problem since once the rain barrel is full you can just switch to the downspout after a rain storm until you use the water in the rain barrel. Once the rain water has depleted from the rain barrel simply flip the lever back to refill the rain barrel. Although there are quite a few options the Save the Rain Diverter, Offset Downspout Diverter, and Basic Downspout Diverters are inexpensive, handy options to have to protect your foundation.

Other diverters are designed to push water back through the downspout using backpressure once the rain barrel is full. The Watersaver Rainwater Downspout Diverter functions by causing the water to exit into your normal drainage system or through an overflow hose directed away from your basement. In that case, you would need a closed container to create the necessary backpressure.

Generally, rain water diverters are easy to install. Most likely you will just need to cut the bottom of your downspout to fit the diverter on top of the rain barrel and simply attach the diverter to it.

Rain Barrel Rebates

In some places owning a rain barrel can benefit not just your home, but your wallet too! Many cities across the United States  are introducing rain barrel rebate programs to encourage local water conservation amongst their residents.  Most of these areas are hoping to reduce demand for municipal water and preserve their ground supplies.


In order to receive your rebate, most cities are requiring that residents fill out a basic application and mail it in with the original copy of the rain barrels receipt. This will differ depending on where you live – some cities will even have somebody come out and inspect your yard to make sure you have a rain barrel!


It seems that majority of areas are sending back rebates to those who mail in their applications, but some are even crediting back utility accounts. Regardless – your city wants to acknowledge your part in water conservation and the preservation of the environment.


Make sure to check with your city or county to find out if they offer any rebate programs. There can be a number of different requirements and limitations based on your location. Some programs are offering higher rebates based on the number of barrels you purchase. None of these programs offer any installation help. What’s a better way to be economical and cost efficient this summer?

Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel – Product Review

Rain barrel technology is largely a new, untapped market. While the rain xchange selection of rain barrels is starting to grow, there’s still a limited amount of attractive, innovative rain barrels on the market. However, the Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel easily breaks the mold with its attractive design and ground-breaking equipment.


Constructed of thick, high quality plastic this rain barrel is constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It can quickly and easily be incorporated into existing gutter and drainage systems. The internal overflow allows the rain barrel to handle excess rain water without ugly pipes and attachments on top of the barrel. This also allows water to flow away from the house so you don’t have to worry about water spilling over onto your homes foundation. Better yet, water restrictions do not apply to rain barrels so you can maintain healthy plants in the driest conditions. Rain water is also more beneficial for plants than municipal water.


Product Features:

  • LARGE 75-gallon capacity
  • 5-year warranty
  • Requires no electricity
  • Large safety overflow keeps water in the barrel or away from the house
  • Lid can also be used as a planter
  • Thick plastic walls are durable and will withstand extreme conditions
  • Childproof lockable lid
  • Brass spigot for garden hose connection
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Having this water collector in your yard or garden is sure increase the aesthetics of your outdoor space.


Stone Harbor Rain Barrel – Product Review

Uniquely designed and yet as functional as it’s barrel shaped counterparts, the Stone Harbor Rain Barrel displays a design that is truly one of a kind. Asymmetrical lines give this rain barrel visual contrast and interest, almost like placing a piece of art in your own back yard.


Designed with flat edges to fit closely to the outside walls of your home, this rain barrel won’t stick out and become a distraction. This garden green rain stone harborbarrel is construction from UV protected polyethylene to help it resist fading in the  sun and prevent algae from forming inside the barrel. Also, the one piece closed design will prevent it from cracking at the seams. The top of the barrel is complete with a screened intake slot which prevents insects and debris from making their way into the water. Outfitted with dual overflow fittings on the back of the barrel allows water to be directed to runoff away from the homes foundation or easily attach a standard garden hose to water the yard. These fittings can also be used to connect two rain barrels for even more water collection. An included four foot garden hose connects directly to the bottom of the barrel to maximize water pressure. The threaded ball valve is useful for filling watering cans or connecting directly to garden hoses.


Simply place this rain barrel under a downspout and collect up 47 gallons of all natural rain water for all of your outdoor needs. This barrel will provide an ample and replenishable resource for watering gardens, flower beds, trees or shrubs.

Rain Water Harvest Rain Barrels – Product Review

Sometimes a 50-100 gallon rain barrel just isn’t enough or you might not want to hook two or more rain barrels together. If you’re like me, you RainwaterHarvesterAllappreciate simplicity and if you’re looking to water your lawn with collected water, you’re going to need a much larger rain barrel than a traditional size. The Rain Water Harvest collect of rain barrels is the largest line of easy to install, home grade rain barrels on the market. They come in above ground and underground and can contain anywhere between 214 and 1500 gallons of water at one time. Each size has different features that are unique to it, so there’s sure to be one that will work for you.

Designed to hold more water that the average rain barrel, the Rain Water Harvest above ground rainwater tanks come in red, green, and tan making it easy to coordinate with any decor. The smallest rain water collection tank in this category is the 214 gallon. This tank is designed for above ground use. It measures 69” long, 22” wide, and 45” high. When full, this rain barrel can pump out water from your hose for about 27 minutes. The next size up in the above ground rain barrels is the Rain Water Harvest Round, which comes in 600, 1200, and 1500 gallons, which is our largest rain barrel. Able to pump out one to two hours depending on the size, you could easily get all of your outdoor tasks done with some stored water to spare.

Underground Rainwater Systems are excellent for disguising a large rain barrel and still getting all the benefits. With these you won’t have to worry about coordinating with your décor or becoming an eye sore in your yard, you’ll barely even know it’s there. The underground systems come in 574 and 1200 gallons and can provide a constant flow of water for between an hour and two hours when full.

Although different in a few aspects such as sizing and included accessories, these rain water collection systems actually have quite a lot in common. Simple to install and compact enough for most household properties, they RainCollectormanage to provide an efficient, economical way to store large volumes of water. Easy to maintain and durably constructed; these systems are manufactured using a commercial grade polyethylene with UV8 inhibitors to prevent the growth of molds and algae. Each Rain Water Harvest Rain Barrel comes complete with a submersible pump so you can easily hook a hose up to the spigot and get enough pressure to water your lawn or garden. They also include a leaf catcher to prevent debris from settling in the tank. Also included with each rain barrel is a child safe lid so you don’t have to worry about a tiny wanderer falling in accidentally.

This specially designed rainwater harvest system will provide enough water to keep your plants healthy, your garden lush and green, your pool full, and you can even wash your vehicles with this naturally soft water. This collection of rain water harvesting tanks is an exceptional way to store mass quantities of chemical free, cost-free water for years to come.


Cedar Creek Rain Barrel - Product Review

Every homeowner looks for ways to save money while maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape. The Cedar Creek Rain Barrel is a top of the line rain barrel that is made right here in the U.S.A. Its beautiful design and durable features help make water conservation fast and easy. This 54 gallon rain barrel features a closed system of gathering water so you don’t have to worry about small children or animals getting into it.

This barrel is the highest quality rain barrel on the market and is made of a sturdy ¼” UV protected polyethylene plastic for long lasting water storing capacity. The Cedar Creek Rain Barrel is made with only the best materials, and will stand up to the worse of weather conditions for years to come. It’s available in two natural colors that will blend in with any backyards décor - moss and terracotta.

The Cedar Creek Rain Barrel has both screened intake and overflow openings to prevent any insect entry into your water. There is also an automatic 6’ diverter hose included and will allow you to redirect extra water into any area you choose to place your hose. There are two dispensing levels available so that you won’t interfere with the spigot connection. The brass spigot is located at a garden pail or watering can height that allows for comfortable and easy access to your stored water. Another great characteristic of this rain barrel is that it is fully assembled upon arrival - making it that much faster and easier to start conserving rain water!

The Cedar Creek Rain Barrel will help to keep greener lawns and healthier landscaping for you and your family to enjoy throughout the entire year. This rain water collection system is perfect for the energy conscious homeowner – you can keep your garden and lawn looking great without the extra effort or cost!

Cubo Rain Barrel - Product Review

The Cubo Rain Barrel has been designed to meet all of your outdoor watering needs. This 55 gallon rain barrel will bring you nature’s best water every time it rains and keep it fresh and ready to use without adding any stress on your local water supply.

This tank has a special canale (pie shaped) screened top that helps to keep it animal, child, and mosquito resistant. The top of the barrel is completely flat and is designed to capture as much falling water as possible. Its polka dot shaped mesh screen holes allow all of the water to enter, yet keep out the gutter grime and any other junk that you don’t want.

The canale shape of the Cubo Rain Barrel makes it excellent to catch free-falling rain. If you are using your rain barrel to capture rain off of a flat top roof - than this is the best rain barrel for the job. Water occupies a much greater area when it is falling, and spreads out. The Cubo’s large collection area is able to capture it. If a top is not designed properly, water splashes everywhere. You won’t need to worry about that with the Cubo Rain Barrel!

The barrel is fully UV protected which will help decrease any sun damage to your barrel. It is also made out of a food-grade polyethylene that will hold up in the worst of weather situations. You are definitely “going green” with the purchase of a rain barrel. On top of capturing water and being environmentally friendly, the Cubo Rain Barrel is also completely recyclable, unlike most rain barrels on the market today.

The Cubo Rain Barrel arrives with all of the fittings thermal welded directly to its seamless tank, preventing any water leakage. These welded fittings allow you to easily change them if they become worn out. There is also a 1 ½” internal overflow so you don’t have to worry about your barrel over filling and flooding your foundation around the house. No tools are necessary for any part of the installation process of the Cubo Rain Barrel and it arrives with all fittings already installed!

Knock Down Rain Barrel - Product Review

The Knock Down Rain Barrel is different than any other rain barrel on the market today. This rain barrel is not only strong and durable – but it is fully collapsible when empty. This allows for much easier maintenance and storage in smaller spaces during the winter months or when you just don’t have any need for it. This rain barrel is designed to hook directly to your down spout or gutter system with little to no hassle. This allows you to quickly and efficiently bring your rain water to whatever area you need it.

The Knock Down Rain Barrel features a removable filter to keep out small debris and insects. It is made from flexible laminated polyester which provides superior strength, durability, and resistance to weathering and puncturing. Its materials are naturally UV resistant – which will help it keep its bold green color for many years to come.

This rain barrel has an easy access zippered lid that will allow you to use your rain water through a hose or by simply dunking in your watering can. This is also a great safety feature for keeping children and small animals out of the barrel.

The Knock Down Rain Barrel is available in three different sizes; 52, 104, and 156 gallons. This rain barrel is an excellent starter rain barrel. Because of its collapsible body, it can easily be stored anywhere – making it perfect if you have limited space in your backyard! It will perform well during the rainy seasons and store easily for the winter.

Nino Planter Top Rain Barrel Plus – Product Review

I’m always looking for the best deal possible when making a large purchase, even more so in this economy. I definitely want to get the most for my money and the Nino Planter Top Rain Barrel Plus does not disappoint. Not only does it come in 13 colors (with an additional 13 speckled variations of each color) it also conveniently doubles as a planter. Now that’s a great buy!

Obviously well designed, it is not only attractive but also petit so it doesn’t stick out too much and still somehow manages to hold 55 gallons of rain nino water. Even with its diminutive size, the rain barrel maintains most of the standard features you would find on its larger counterparts. Eco-friendly and fully recyclable, this UV protect, food grade virgin polyethylene make it safe and completely worry free. The seamless construction with no gaskets to replace and all fittings welded directly to the tank means that you won’t have to worry about any leaks. It also includes a poly strainer and removable screen that helps keep it free of grime and bugs. What’s really unique about the screen is that it is just standard window screen so you can quickly and inexpensively replace it if necessary.

Another great feature is the optional planter tray that can be placed in the top of the rain barrel inside the planter box. The planter box (the rain barrels lid) can be used as the planter if prefer, but with the optional Nino Planter Tray you can easily transport the plants to your planting area for weeding, replanting, and cleaning while leaving your water securely covered.

Little to no effort is required to install this rain barrel, just place it under a down spout and wait for rain to begin collecting. A 1½” external overflow tube directs excess water away from your foundation and the brass ball drain valve with garden hose attachment comes included so you can easily transport the water anywhere in your garden. Adding the Nino Planter Top Rain Barrel Plus to your yard will quickly become one of the best purchases you’ve ever made when it comes to outdoor gardening equipment.


Flat Back Rain Barrel - Product Review

The Flat Back Rain Barrel is just as practical as it is useful. This 50 gallon rain barrel, which has one flat side, will instantly bring style and class to your home. The ingenious shape of this rain barrel allows it to sit flush with the side of your home.

The Flat Back Rain Barrel is designed out of a heavy duty rotational molded construction that will allow you to keep collecting water for many years to come. It has a long lasting UV coating that provides protection from sunlight and will keep your rain barrel looking brand new. This very practical UV coating is also excellent in preventing any algae and mold from invading your stored water.

Another great characteristic of this rain barrel is its ability to easily link with other barrels to help maximize your water capturing capacity. The Flat Back Rain Barrel also has many other beneficial features. There is a shut off valve for a hose hookup and dual overflow valves that will help you control when and where you would like to redirect your water.

The debris screen is designed to keep any gutter grime and unwanted insects out of your stored water. It is imperative to have a debris screen on your rain barrel - not only does it keep out insects; it also helps to child and pet proof your barrel. The Flat Back Rain Barrel has a closed system – which is an excellent safety feature. It has a closed system, meaning the top does not open up. This is an excellent safety feature.

The Flat Back Rain Barrel is available in three colors: wood grain, green, and tan. With these great three neutral colors – one of these rain barrels is bound to fit in with your backyard’s décor!

Agua Rain Barrel - Product Review

The Agua Rain Barrel combines beauty and simplicity to create an extraordinary piece of work for your home and garden. While aesthetically pleasing with its ceramic-look, this durable rain barrel is comprised of roto molded plastic that is able to withstand extreme temperatures. This beauty looks just like a terracotta pot – even when you are standing right next to it! One of the great qualities of the Agua Rain Barrel is that it is built to last - you will never have to worry about any cracking, chipping, or fading.

This 50 gallon rain barrel will compliment your environmentally-friendly lifestyle with its natural, rounded urn look. The Agua Rain Barrel will also let you add another level to your garden with its crown planter located at the top of the barrel. There is also a corrosion proof screen guard that will prevent any debris from entering or clogging the drain. An excellent aspect of the Agua Rain Barrel is not just its ability to capture water – but its dual functionality.

An overflow valve located near the bottom of the barrel will help to keep it from over-filling and interfering with the planter. There is also a 4 foot garden hose that is included that will attach to the drain in the bottom of that barrel and has a shut-off connector. Having the hose drain on the bottom of the barrel helps to maximize the water pressure in the hose. There is also a hook located on the side of the barrel that will neatly hold your hose.

The Agua Rain Barrel is available in three earthy tones: terracotta, chocolate, and slate grey. These natural colors make it easy to find the perfect fit for your outdoor décor. Although what we want is something that functions well and does its job – it doesn’t hurt to have something that is modern and attractive looking too! If you have been searching for a top of the line rain barrel that looks great – then you may have just found your match with the Agua Rain Barrel!

Unpainted Rain Barrel – Product Review

I’ve always enjoyed products with some type of history and with the current tendency towards “going green” and using resources we already have available rather than creating new products to meet our needs - the unpainted rain barrel 2 Unpainted Rain Barrel easily fits my criteria. After seeing a unique water collection product in English gardens, two school teachers came up with the idea to try finding something locally. They ended up finding a business that had a collection of large 60 gallon drums that were used to cure and import olives from Spain. Not wanting to chip up all the barrels and send them to an already overflowing landfill, the group formed a company that began recycling them into rain barrels. More recently, with water restrictions, droughts and greater environmental awareness these eco-friendly rain barrels have continued to grow in popularity.


Not just unique in its origin, the Unpainted Rain Barrel is the only one with a surface that is paintable. The matte gray exterior can easily be painted with enamel spray paint from a local hardware store to match any decor. Each barrel is constructed from highly durable 3/16” polyethylene, a material proven to be resilient for years of use. To help prevent any issues with algae in your stored water, the barrel is UV protected.


Weighing in at 20 pounds before water and measuring 24” wide and 39” unpainted3high, this rain barrel is easy to transport to any part of your yard that could us a water source. The barrel includes a strong plastic lid with a fine mesh screen to keep leaves and other gutter debris out of the water. It comes with one hose threaded plastic spigot initially located at bucket height; however, it  can easily be placed in the lower drilled outlet if you aren’t using it to fill buckets. By lowering the spigot you gain access to all the water at the bottom of the barrel and you can increase your water pressure. The rain barrel also includes two overflow outlets enabling you to daisy chain multiple rain barrels together. Add the Save the Rain Diverter to your order to help direct the water from your downspout into the eco-friendly rain barrel.

The Homeowners DIY Rain Harvesting Plan – Part 2: Determining How Much Water You Need

Now that you’ve calculated how much water you can potentially collect, agua3you’re going to want to figure out how much you’ll actually need. Calculating your average outdoor water usage will help you decide how many rain barrels you need to ensure you’re prepared during a water shortage. You certainly don’t want to discover you should have collected more rain once a drought hits. Since the water you will accumulate is not meant for consumption, you’re going to use it primarily to water your lawn, garden, or wash your car.

Here are some quick facts to help you determine how much water you’ll need to store for a not-so-rainy day.

  • The average family of 4 uses about 42 gallons of water a day for outdoor uses like watering the lawn (for just 20 minutes - 2 times a week), cleaning outdoor patio furniture, and washing cars. That’s 294 gallons a week!

  • The average lawn, depending on the climate, needs about 1 to 1 ½ inches of water a week.

  • Washing the car can use between 150-180 gallons of water if the hose is left running (just 65 if you use a bucket to wash and rinse with the hose).

  • 30% of water used on the East Coast goes to watering lawns, 60% on the West Coast!

To calculate your own lawn's water requirement, first determine the actual square feet of lawn or garden you plan on watering. Multiply the total square feet (width x length) of lawn area by 0.625 (equivalent to 5 pints or 5/8 gallon) to find the gallons of water used to apply one inch of water. Basically, that means that every 10’x10’ area will require over 62 gallons of water. That doesn’t seem like much until you consider that the average lawn area for a single-family residence is 5,000 square feet, or 3,125 gallons for an inch of water on the entire lawn.

If you want to get really technical, you can even calculate the cost of watering your lawn. Divide the number of gallons used by 1,000 then multiply by the price you pay per 1,000 gallons. For example, if in your area it costs $3.00 per 1,000 gallons of water that means that to supply a 71’ by 71’ (approximately 5,000 square feet) lawn with one inch of water costs about $9.50. If you water your entire yard once a week during the summer, the cost could add up to $40 or more each month. At that rate, your new rain barrel will pay for itself in just a few months!

Rain barrels are especially useful for saving rainwater for water shortage situations. Many states deal with droughts in the spring and summer months, and thousands of cities enforce water bans to conserve water during these times. By saving rainwater during the wetter seasons, you'll have plenty to use without letting your lawn or garden dry out during the summer. If you’re in an area that doesn’t experience frequent drought, just imagine how much money you could save by investing in a rain barrel and using much less public water!

The Homeowners DIY Rain Harvesting Plan - Part 1: How Much Will Fall and How Much Can You Catch?

Owning a rain barrel will have many benefits for both your wallet and your home. Not only is “going green” quickly becoming popular, but owning a rain barrel will quickly and easily enhance your outdoor living. However, as easy as it may seem - there are a few factors that you will need to keep in mind to make sure that you can harvest rainwater as smoothly as possible and to make the most of your rain barrel. In this three part blog series, we will explain how much your rain barrel can catch, how much you will need to perform simple tasks, and how you can easily implement this plan.

As you begin to search for the perfect rain barrel, it is important to keep in mind how much rain you would like to capture. The amount of rainwater that you will be able to collect will depend on the amount of rainfall in a given downpour, the size of your catchment area, and the maximum capacity of your rain barrel.

The most difficult aspect of calculating how much rain you can collect is based on your location and the average rainfall that has fallen over previous years. However, calculating the amount of rain your roof is capable of capturing in your rain barrel is really quite easy. First, you will need to determine how much rainwater your roof can collect before determining its catchment area. To do this, you will need to find out the total length and width of your home.

You will need to use the following formula to determine your catchment area:

(L + gutters) x (W + gutters) = Catchment

It’s important to know that for every single inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof, there are 600 gallons of rain water that will be available.

Now to calculate the amount of rain you will be able to capture, use the following formula:

A = (catchment area of building)

R = (inches of rain)

G = (total amount of collected rainwater)

(A) x (R) x (600 gallons) / 1000 = (G)

Rainfall varies greatly across the United States. To find out your city’s average rainfall click here.

Rain Barrel Maintenance

Rain barrel’s can be a great addition to any home. But just like many outdoor products, it still needs to be maintained. Although the maintenance for a rain barrel is not complicated, it is important to help keep your water clean and to make your rain barrel last for many years to come.

You will want to clean your rain barrel once before use, and then once a year after that. You should use vinegar or other non-toxic cleaners. For best results, scrub the barrel while rinsing with your cleaner. After you have scrubbed the inside of the barrel, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and to dispose of the water properly.

To winterize your rain barrel, there are a few different measures you will need to take. First you will want to disconnect the downspout. Return the downspout to its original configuration prior to the rain barrel. Remove the hose and mesh screen and store them. Make sure to drain the rain barrel – this will help prevent it from freezing and cracking. Lastly, you will want to store it upside down, so no water or materials will be able to enter.

It is also important to make sure your gutters are cleaned out to minimize debris that could be transferred to your rain barrel. Also, periodically check your screen and hoses to clear any possible debris. Other than those few simple things, rain barrels are virtually maintenance free. You will be able to reap the benefits of natural water for many years by providing the proper maintenance for your rain barrel.

Rain Catcher Water Barrel

Some say when it rains, it pours…so why not take advantage of nature’s gifts? With a rain catchment system, you can collect the rain water that falls on your property and put it to good use. The Rain Catcher Water Barrel is a rain catchment system that will help you to keep your garden hydrated without adding to the expense of your water bill.

This rain barrel is simple, but it works great. This product is easy to install and easy to use. Unlike most rain barrels – the Rain Catcher Water Barrel is flat on the backside so that it can rest flush with any wall. This catchment system will be camouflaged into the foliage around your home because of the green surface color. This barrel is made out of UV-stable polyethylene and is built to last.

The Rain Catcher Water Barrel is available in two different sizes – 54 gallons and 75 gallons. The rain barrel has a hidden overflow tube at the base to protect the surrounding foundation from any damage that may occur. This rain barrel also features an attachment system on the side to create trouble-free connections for multiple barrels. Complete with a 4’ hose and thumb valve, using the collected water is an effortless process.

This Rain Catcher Water Barrel even has a small notch at the top to hang the hose from for easy access. The included safety grid and debris screen will protect your collected rain water from any leaves or other contaminants that might fall into the barrel. Owning a rain barrel is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself and your home!

Rain Barrel “How To”

Got questions? We’ve have answers. Here is your “how to” guide for all your rain barrel inquiries:

How to Install Your Rain Barrel
Once you have selected the rain barrel that best fits your needs, you will have to prepare your home to utilize this catchment system. The installation is quite easy but there are a few elements of importance to consider. First, you will need to select a level section of ground close to the gutter’s downspout to rest your rain barrel. You can purchase a rain barrel stand to stabilize your catchment system. The design of your rain barrel will determine how the downspout will feed water into the barrel. For example, some rain catchment systems are positioned just underneath the downspout. This feature requires that the downspout to be shortened enough for the barrel to fit below. Others have connector-ports available to attach the downspout directly into the barrel. Every rain barrel will have an overflow spout that you will need to position away from the foundation to protect against damage. Once the rain barrel is positioned correctly, connect your spigot or garden hose to the barrel for easy access to the newly gathered water.

How to Connect Multiple Barrels for Overflow Conservation
When a rain barrel becomes full, the overflowing water needs somewhere to go! Instead of letting this natural resource fall by the wayside – keep it! During heavy rain seasons, you can easily connect multiple rain barrels together and harvest even more of this natural resource. Rain barrels will have an overflow spout already installed. Simply use a plastic hose or pipe to connect the overflow spout of one barrel to another. Position the second barrel slightly lower than the first to take advantage of the Earth’s gravity to aid your rain-harvesting. Depending on the design of the rain barrel, the overflow connections can either be near the top or on the bottom of a rain barrel. The rain barrel that initially in-takes the water from the downspout must have all other ports closed besides the overflow connector. There is no limit to how many rain barrels you can link together to gather your rain water for eco-friendly usage. There still should be an overflow pipe on the last barrel in the linked arrangement.

How to Use Your Rain Barrel Efficiently
The most popular use for rain barrels is to water a garden. Homeowners will attach a simple garden hose to their rain barrel and feed their plants with the pure rain water. You can also attach a spigot to your rain barrel to fill a watering can instead of only using the plain hose. If your rain barrel is not producing enough water pressure to conduct enough water flow for your needs, there are rain barrel pumps available. These water pumps enable its users to utilize the rain water more efficiently around their home. The water harvested by a rain barrel can be used for maintaining a garden, washing a car, and even plumbing.

Collected Water Types – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In the current cultural climate of going green, water is a valuable commodity. Many areas are experiencing drought conditions and local municipalities are restricting water usage much more often. A great way to make it through these difficult times is through the use of a rain barrel. It is important to understand the different uses for the water that is collected in a rain barrel. We wouldn’t want you drinking water that could make you sick!

Potable Water is simply water that is drinkable. It is safe for consumption and is free from pollution and potentially harmful impurities. This type of water is safe to use on anything that may be absorbed by the body through drinking, cooking, showering, dish washing, and laundry.

Non-Potable Water is recycled water that is obtained through some form of natural resource such as streams, lakes, rivers, or rain. Unless you have a special filtration system installed, this is the type of water that your rain barrel is going to collect. This water is not treated to drinking water standards and is not meant for human consumption. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it, it just means you can’t drink it. Use this type of water for watering your lawn or garden, washing your car, or even flushing toilets if you choose an underground rain barrel. In some communities you can even get a rebate if you recycle rain water!

Greywater (Gray Water, Graywater) gets its name from its cloudy appearance. Generated from normal household uses such as dish washing, laundry, and bathing - this type of water may contain food residues or chemicals from household cleaners making it unsuitable for drinking. The good news is, although you can’t drink it, with the proper recycling you can reuse it. Recycled greywater, after special filtration, can be used in toilets or to water the garden or yard. Left untreated, you should never use it to water anything you’re going to eat.

Blackwater (Black Water) is wastewater that is significantly polluted. This water is generally collected from toilets or garbage disposals and should never be re-used due to the high risk of contamination by bacteria and viruses.

Rain Barrels - What They Do &
Why You Need One

In today’s economy, it is important for people to find solutions for their rising water cost, stressed water systems, and dwindling resources. With rain catchment systems, you are not only saving money, but you will also be aiding the environment.

In recent years, rain barrels have exploded onto the market. These rain catchment systems offer many alternatives to water preservation and usage. Rain barrels reduce the amount of storm water runoff by collecting it and storing the water for future use.

Stored rainwater has many uses. It can be used for irrigation, washing the car, and filling the swimming pool. It also can be used for bathing and drinking if it is properly filtered. With rain barrel water, you can also water houseplants, gardens, clean windows, and significantly reduce your demand for municipal water and lower your monthly bills. It’s important to take advantage of the already existing source of fresh rainwater.

It is important to remember to NEVER drink water from your rain barrel, unless you have the proper filtration system for it. Never leave the barrel open without a screen – mosquitoes will enter and lay eggs. It is important to have a screen on your rain barrel. This will help to filter out any leaves and other junk that could possibly enter.

Also – never let your rain barrel collect water during the winter months – if a barrel is full and freezes, it can easily break. The best action you can take to care for your rain barrel during the winter is to disconnect it. Make sure to store it upside down so it will drain completely and stay clean. Also, make sure to remove the hose from your barrel, any water that freezes will expand and could possibly crack your hose. However – during the spring and summer months, rain barrels are basically maintenance free.

There are many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of rain barrels. You can find the perfect rain barrel to fit your needs and even your homes décor. If you need a rain barrel for basic things around the yard, you will most likely find that a 50 gallon rain barrel will work perfectly. For bigger jobs, such as taking care of farm land and plumbing for your home, a 600-1200 gallon rain barrel will probably work best. Rain barrels of this size are generally stored underground. Whatever your water need is – there will be a rain barrel to suit it.

The Rain Barrel Resource – Your Guide to Water Catchment Systems

The Rain Barrel Resource will be featuring a number of different product reviews and instructional videos for your convenience.

Also featured will be general information to help you find the right rain barrel for you and your home. Having a catchment system is a great way to save money and preserve the Earth’s natural resources.

This blog will include maintenance and safety tips to ensure that you gain the greatest benefits from usage of a rain barrel.

Stay tuned for upcoming product reviews and the latest information on rain catchment systems!